“I've worked with a lot of contractors on various remodeling / home repair projects over the last few years and Ciaran and Mark from Mizen are some of the best I've met.

After our wood front stairs started to rot and crack (they were poorly built originally), we needed them to be repaired or replaced.  We also needed them waterproofed (they had been a source of leaks in to our basement) and so we wanted them replaced with stone steps.  I got many bids from contractors and almost all of them wanted to completely tear down the steps and rebuild from scratch, which would've cost a TON of money and required tons of paperwork and time.  Ciaran and Mark, however, immediately said that it would be crazy to replace the entire steps when most of the framing and siding was still good.  They proposed simply ripping out all of the rotted treads, supports, and siding and replacing it with new, then rebuilding the handrails from scratch (they were rotting as well and not up to code) and, finally, laying down stone on top of that.

Their bid came in at a totally reasonable price.  I asked for references and contacted all 4 that they provided.  All had incredibly positive things to say about them so I pulled the trigger.  The very next day Ciaran got everything in order (permits, etc) so they could get started the following Monday.  The promptness was very impressive.  Throughout the project, they were on top of every issue that came up and were at the job site checking on the progress every day.  Communication was a breeze as they were always quick to respond to my questions.  In addition, when I asked them to do some additional work (we decided to replace the front door at the same time) they were able to add on the extra work at a price that was more than fair.

An awesome experience from start to finish.  I was truly impressed with the quality of the work and we absolutely love our new front steps.  Without question, we'll be using these guys for all of our general contracting needs going forward.”

Chad H 

Trustworthy, Responsive, Low Stress Environment with our 2 kids around

"We hired Ciaran and Mark for a small but complicated renovation of our 1906 home. They were great! Trustworthy, responsive, and quality contractors, that came in on time and on budget. I work with a lot of builders and these are some the best that i have come across in 10 years of construction. There team is  also great.  We were home with 2 young kids for a portion of the renovation and Mizen accommodated for us perfectly making it a much easier and low stress environment.  Would highly recommend them."

                                                                                                                                                  Ian M.


 I can't say enough about Ciaran and his Irish crew.  We had a 10 experience with this customer experience oriented team.  We went through a full home remodel in Noe Valley.  Ciaran was focused on making sure we stayed on time, within budget and that we were completely satisfied.  I would highly recommend Mizen!  These guys are amazing and fun to work with.  Thank you Ciaran, Mark and team!!

Glo G


Top-Notch, Perfection

"Ciaran and his crew from Mizen are absolutely top-notch. We hired them for a complex, multi-unit renovation of our beloved 1920's era flats in the city. This involved everything from foundation and seismic work to full demolition and rebuilding of every aspect of the home. For one of the units this meant restoring complicated curved ceilings and original gumwood trim - done to perfection. Mizen's communication, craftsmanship, timeliness, and value surpassed our expectations. We enthusiastically recommend them to you for your next building project." 

Howard. R

Professional and Trustworthy

"These guys are very professional and 100% trustworthy.  Their prices are fair and their work is great.  Did I mention that they are trustworthy?  In a city full of contractors that make the majority of their money by extorting their customers with ridiculous change orders and $100/hr subcontractors, Ciaran and Mark are a welcome addition.  I've been burned by unscrupulous contractors in the past and will be using these guys from now on.  Feel free to contact me, I'd be happy to let you know more."

Raymond. F

Highly Recommended, Extremely Fair Prices

"We hired Mizen to do an almost complete remodel of our home. Their prices were extremely fair and they stayed within budget. No surprises along the way. They are very transparent with any problems that arise and always had options for us to choose from to continue moving forward. They are also a great group of guys. There work is top notch and I'd highly recommend working with them!"